Use all-natural shaving products to protect your skin against chemicals found in commercial shaving gels

Be Wary of Grocery Store Shaving Products

If you look at the ingredients listed on grocery store skincare products, it’s not likely that you would recognize the long list of chemical ingredients. Many consumer shaving products contain chemical preservatives and foaming agents such as SodiumLauryl Sulfate (SLS) and parabens. Parabens, found in many shaving products, shampoos and body washes, has been making a name for itself in recent cancer research studies…. And SLS is a known skin irritant which can lead to itchy skin and scalp.

Take a close look at ingredient labels. If there are too many ingredients you don’t understand or can’t pronounce, maybe it’s time to look for a chemical-free alternative.

Chemical-Free is the Way to Be

Shaving scrapes the top layer of your skin, resulting in tiny abrasions on your face. Using chemical-free products while shaving will protect your sensitive skin and prevent the absorption of unnecessary toxins.

All of our shaving gels, soaps and aftershave products only contain natural and essential soothing ingredients to give you a comfortable and enjoyable shave. Each shaving product includes bentonite clay, sourced from the Western United States. The clay acts as an anchor to bind essential ingredients together so they have time to do their healing good work for you.

Show your face a little love with these Fieldworks Supply Company shaving products:

  • Razor’s Edge Face and Shape Soap: Treat your face right with an all-natural cleanse and shaving bar. Containing beneficial oils and extracts such as marshmallow root and Vitamin E, this bar provides a slick lather that can be applied with your hands or a brush.
  • Another Close Shave Gel: Safeguard your face with this all-natural shaving gel. Slick as hell and drip-free, this concentrated gel provides a comfortable cushion for a nice, clean shave.
  • Face of Danger After-Shave Elixir: Fend off that “raw” feeling you you get after shaving with this 2-in-1 after-shave solution. You only need a small amount of this elixir to soothe your freshly- shaven face. Contains natural witchhazel to help close pores and calendula, aloe and nutmeg to soothe and heal skin.

Don’t let shaving be a mindless routine. Jumpstart your day with Fieldworks’ shave products.