It takes a special power to heal and soothe a rugged man’s skin. Whether you work outdoors, at repair shop or behind a desk, your skin’s health is a reflection of your unique lifestyle and environment. For thousands of years, mankind has relied on all-natural essential oils to heal the body and skin. Find out how these 8 essential oils can heal your damaged or rough skin.

What are Essential Oils?

You may be wondering what essential oils are. Essential oils are compounds that are distilled from natural plant matter. The essence of that plant are then infused into a carrier oil such as sunflower or coconut oil. Carrier oils lock in plant extracts to keep them from evaporating. Essential oils have been used for thousands of years for their different therapeutic benefits and are widely considered the building blocks to natural healing.

Common Essential Oils and Healing Benefits:

  • Myrrh – Originated from tree bark in the Middle East, this essential oil acts a skin protectant, antiseptic and antimicrobial. Myrrh promotes blood circulation for fast healing.
  • 2.Helichrysum – Extracted from flowers in Africa, Australasia and Eurasia, helichrysum oil is a natural anti-inflammatory that encourages blood flow and the production of new skin cells. Though not found in the US, this flower oil can be ingested to dissipate fevers and stop muscle or lung spasms.
  • Vetiver – Distilled from dried grass, this earthy scented oil has soothing and skin healing properties. It promotes blood flow, acts as an antiseptic and is also used in sorbets and beverages as an aphrodisiac. Experience vetiver’s protective and healing benefits in our shave products, which will not only give you a close shave, but its subtle scent will leave you smelling like nature.
  • Arnica – Most commonly used for healing burns and scrapes, this oil promotes blood circulation and instantly sooths pain. Arnica has been used for hundreds of years as an herbal medicine and can also be found in topical gels and creams.
  • Capsaicin – The spicy oil, which is distilled from chili peppers is definitely one of the hottest oils on the market, literally! Capsaicin provides a warming sensation on your skin, and promotes the flow of blood which leads to speedy pain or soreness relief. If you’re a guy who loves physical activity, try the capsaicin based Workhorse Sore Muscle balm. Lather it on after a workout to help your muscles heal.
  • Coconut oil – This superfood is the base for many essential oils. Coconut oil is the ideal carrier for essential oils because it moisturizes and lubricates the skin without leaving it feeling sticky or greasy. Leave your skin feeling hydrated and fresh after a long hike or trail run with Weather Ready Hand Repair. The coconut oil will work to replace the moisture your skin lost from sweating.
  • Frankinscence – Used for thousands of years, the oil is extracted from tree resin and is used in perfumes and colognes that are on the market today. Frankinscence is an antimicrobial and has anti-aging and healing benefits for skin, as well as your digestive and immune system.
  • Lemon oil – Cold pressed from lemon peels, the oil is found in many skin preparation products as it breaks up dirt and grime and lifts it away from the skin. The fresh scent acts as a calming and detoxifying agent and when ingested, can help boost your immune system.

All of Fieldworks Supply Company skincare products contain essential oils that were specifically selected for their healing properties. Whether you are experiencing dry or chapped skin or sore muscles, our all-natural skincare solutions will heal your skin.