Here at Fieldworks Supply Company, we believe how our products are made is just as important as what they're made of. So we take care to select highest-quality essential oils, extracts, bentonite clay and other materials... and we also take equal care to produce our products in small batches.

“Small batch” is a term associated with whiskey – referring to whiskey produced in a small run of barrels. We apply similar principles to making our grooming and personal care products, producing them in small runs with a high degree of care and craft.

We use recipes and ingredients that call for botanical and other natural ingredients over the synthetic chemicals used in many mass-produced products.

The production of our small-batch products involves the use of techniques and processes that might not be seen as “cost efficient” in a mass production, but we feel create a superior end product:

  • Our small-batch products contain only natural ingredients (i.e. organic ingredients, herbs and botanicals), so they're better for you (and gentler on the environment, too).
  • There's an element of hand-craft and attention to detail in the production that harks back to the way things were made "in the old days."
  • …And the end products are of highest quality, and therefore appeal to a more discerning or sophisticated customer.

For us, “small batch” is part of a larger philosophical approach to manufacturing, where detail and craft influence the quality and characteristics of the final product. In the same way you can shop for small-batch whiskey and craft beers, these days you can also appreciate the crafted quality when it comes to personal care and grooming products, as well.

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