Picking the perfect scent is like discovering your favorite whiskey: You try different grains, labels and vintages, but once you find the one you love—you never look back. The men’s skincare market is flooded with fragrances that claim to make you “smell like a man.” But these chemically-manufactured scents don’t appeal to many of today’s modern outdoorsmen. At Fieldworks Supply Company, we believe in naturally-scented products that smell like nature and remind you of your favorite outdoor adventures.

The Power of Scent

Have you ever smelled something that brought you back to a particular memory? Certain scents are able to trigger our memory... and even impact our moods. Why? Smells are processed in our brain’s olfactory bulb which closely interacts with the amygdala (memory) and hippocampus (emotional) areas of our brains. If you have a fond memory of a summer hike in the Pacific Northwest, the smell of pine may remind you of a certain epic adventure.

Smell like the Great Outdoors

All of Fieldworks Supply Company products are scented with all-natural essential oils and extracts that not only smell right at home in the great outdoors, but also do good work for your skin. The scent combination we use is reminiscent of open grassland and forest--and it's a perfect complement to your outdoor lifestyle.

What’s better than the smell of tall grass to remind you of summer day and your favorite hike? This fresh scent is created from the essential oil vetiver (distilled from a grass native to India). The aroma of the vetiver plant is clarifying and calming to the mind. We've combined vetiver with a little bit of nutmeg, which gives it a warm earthiness. The result is a scent that smells like tall grass and blue sky on a hot day. If that’s your idea of the great outdoors, you will love our shave and body wash and bar soap products.

Good for the Skin

A lot of chemical fragrances are about just that: fragrance--and nothing else. Instead of packing chemicals into our products, we've chosen the essential oils we use because they also are good for the skin. Vetiver has long been prized for its antiseptic and anti-inflammatory properties, among a wide range of other benefits and uses. Nutmeg is pain-relieving and has been used for centuries to diminish the appearance of scars. Handy to know!

Embrace the natural and chemical-free scents of the great outdoors.