Good Clean Mud isn't like other soap- or detergent-based cleansers. It looks like mud, but gets off grime. This simple, chemical-free cleanser just may change the way you wash up. It's essentially a mixture of bentonite clay, vegetable oils and citrus essential oils, so it's chemical-free, non-abrasive and gentle on your skin.

1. The consistency may vary depending upon the temperature in your home or shop. It’ll be solid at temperatures under 76 degrees F... and softer at temperatures above 76 degrees F. Good Clean Mud works fine either way.

2. Apply a small daub of Mud to dry, dirty hands and work it into your skin. For everyday dirt, grease, grime and resins like tree sap, Good Clean Mud will break the chemical bonds in the grime pretty much instantly. For other types of grime, like paint and epoxies, it may take a bit longer. Just give it a minute, continuing to work it into the grime.

3. When you’re done, rinse with water.

4. Rejoice in the fact that this non-abrasive, chemical-free cleanser leaves your hands feeling great, not grated.

We hear from folks who keep a jar of Good Clean Mud out in the garden shed, where they use it to get the tree sap, dirt and grime off while they're out working in the yard. Other folks keep it in their garage, where it cleans up bike and auto grease in a snap. Mud is also perfect for keeping handy in the home--wherever you wash your hands.

Check out this video demonstration of Good Clean Mud on bike grease. Try it out, and let us know how it works for you.