Product No. 1930: In honor of the Hoover Dam.



Give it respect and it will repay you with many years of good performance.

Weather-Ready Hand Repair is simple stuff. Beneficial clays and natural oils keep skin supple, restoring what those devils (wind, dirt, hard work and harsh elements) try to rob from your skin. Moisturizes, heals and protects:  It's all-natural relief for dry, chapped skin.

Calendula: a premier skin herb that heals all sorts of tiny tears that occur when there is inflammation and/or dry, cracking skin. 

Frankincense: antiseptic (great with cracked, open skin) and protective, encourages the growth of new skin cells.

Myrrh: antiseptic, antimicrobial, protective, increases circulation. 

Helichrysum: antimicrobial, encourages blood flow, anti-inflammatory, encourages the production of new skin cells.

Bentonite Clay: finely-weathered volcanic ash from the Western US, it holds the oils and beneficial herbs close to your skin so they have time to do their good work.

DIRECTIONS FOR USE: A little goes a long way. Rub a small amount into your skin, and let it soak in… then apply a bit more. The healing essential oils and clay absorb and work hard for you. Try applying a little at night before bed and let it moisturize and heal overnight.

INGREDIENTS: Olive (Olea Europaea) Oil, Coconut (Cocos Nucifera) Oil, Beeswax, Bentonite Clay, Calendula (Calendula officinalis) Flower Extract, Frankincense (Boswellia carteri) Essential Oil, Myrrh (Commiphora myrrha) Essential Oil, Helichrysum Essential Oil.

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Not Just for Hands!

24th Mar 2014

This winter, Portland was oddly dry and cold. My hands, elbows and shins were dry, cracking and itchy. Weather Ready Hand Repair worked great from Day One. I have been using it about every night, and no more dry irritated skin. One tin lasts a long time, too. Very very pleased.

Absolutely the best I've ever used.

17th Mar 2014

Dry, cracked fingertips are both literally and figuratively a pain. During the colder months, I usually get two to three episodes of deep cracks that make it nearly impossible to work with my hands (try earning a living by NOT using your hands at all!). I tried this product after it appeared. on one of my RSS feeds. All it took was three days, and things began turning around. I use it every day now, usually a small amount two or three times during my workday and once before going to bed. This product absolutely works as advertised. I'm a permanent customer now.


Mark S. on 18th Feb 2014

Weather Ready Hand Repair is a fantastic hand balm. I work for an airline (outdoor environment) and frequently abuse my hands from daily wear/tear at work. One small daub of WRHR leaves my hands smelling great and moisturized. RECOMMENDED!

WOW what a great hand "repair" product

Dan on 28th Jan 2014

I read the review on this product in Esquire magazine and thought if they said it was good I will at least try it. I struggle with dry cracked hands all year but is unbearable during the winter months. I have been using this product for the past few weeks and WOW what a difference, my cracks are almost gone and my girlfriend will hold my hand now. Thanks Esquire and Fieldworks Supply Company for telling me about and having this product!

The stuff is great!

Paul H. on 3rd Jan 2014

I'm pleased to see a company such as Fieldworks Supply get traction and notice! I'm a fisheries biologist here in Alberta, and I've had trouble with dry hands for a long time. After a fall field season in the Arctic, I picked up a tin of the Weather Ready Hand Repair in Helena, Montana. I was sold after the first day. The stuff is great! After fully using that tin, I ordered a couple more as well as the After-Shave, Hose-Off and the Good Clean Mud.

This Preschool Teacher Gives It a Gold Star

Mathew Vandeneyenden on 20th Sep 2013

Hi. I am a preschool teacher in Columbus, Ohio. The mother of one of my students gave me some of your products today. (I constantly wash my hands and, consequently, they become extremely dry and cracked.) I've used many different hand creams and lotions.. But I am very impressed with your hand repair salve. It's scent is pleasant and mild. Most importantly... It works. My hands feel better. Nice work, guys.

A wonderful night time hand regime

Marilyn on 11th Aug 2013

I love this product. The beneficial clay and other ingredients has helped reduce some tendon inflammation in my hand. It seems to leave a barrier that keeps my hands moist during the day even after numerous hand washings. I highly recommend this product to use at night to keep your hands in good shape.