We recently got a nice user review for our Weather Ready Hand Repair from a customer in Alberta, Canada, and we think it’s worth sharing. Here it is verbatim:

"I’m a fisheries biologist here in Alberta, and I’ve had trouble with dry hands for a long time. After a fall field season in the Arctic, I picked up a tin of the Weather Ready Hand Repair in Helena, Montana. I was sold after the first day. The stuff is great!

After fully using that tin, I ordered a couple more as well as the After-Shave, Hose-Off and the Good Clean Mud (and promptly spilled all of the after-shave).

I love the idea behind your company, the ethic seems sound and the touch of history is brilliant. But above and beyond that, the product is great. The Hose-Off does everything in the shower, the Weather Repair takes care of the cold water and weather damage to my hide, and the After-Shave is the perfect touch-- it takes care of my too-quick straight edge shaving job and doesn’t make me smell like a perfumed pomp when at the office or heading to the river. It’s been too cold to work on my Land Cruiser, so the Good Clean Mud hasn’t had much of a test, but I have high expectations.

My desire would be to see less plastic. A company called Eco-Nature Care had great aluminium bottles for their soap/shampoo, but I’m not sure if that is economically practical as they did disappear a few years ago.

My other suggestion would be to add a tin (with a twist off sealing lid) for the shaving soap and maybe a travel type shaving brush for a travel kit – No, sorry, not a travel kit, but an adventure kit.

I travel often, and I would love an “adventure” ready kit. Since taking on senior biologist roles, I spend too much time in other offices where I have to be clean shaven rather in the river where I prefer. Right now I travel with soap in an old canister, an old brush, and leftover after-shave that I managed to salvage.

Otherwise, I wish you and the company luck and longevity!


Paul H.

Thank you, Paul, for your kind words and encouragement. It’s helpful to get feedback from folks using our products out in the field. The adventure kit idea is a really good one.