Got Cracked Feet? Why Clay Based Solutions Will Soothe Your Skin

All too often outdoor hikers, bikers or mountaineers don’t think about protecting their feet until it’s too late. Only after pesky symptoms of dry and cracked feet have already surfaced do we usually look for a solution to soothe the skin on our feet. Your feet are in the first line of combat during many outdoor and labor intensive activities. Applying bentonite clay based solutions to your feet before and after an adventure or day of work will protect you skin from becoming dry and cracked.

Ouch! What Leads to Cracked Feet?

Unlike the rest of our skin, our feet do not produce the natural oils that keep them nourished and moisturized. As a result, our feet can become dry, flakey, itchy and cracked. Anyone who has suffered these symptoms knows that cracked feet can be unbearably painful.

There are many conditions that can worsen the condition of your feet and result in blisters from chafing, such as:

  • Prolonged outdoor activities
  • Wet weather
  • Ill-fitting boots
  • Thin socks

Clay Based Solutions can Soothe Cracked Feet Symptoms

Luckily, preventing and treating your cracked feet is as easy as mud pie! Made from finely weathered volcanic ash, Bentonite Clay is the perfect base for foot balms. Unlike shea butter, which is a greasy and thick substance, clay lightly soothes and hydrates skin without being too greasy. Clay based solutions bring feet-nourishing ingredients together to create one combined substance that will heal your heels.

Show your Feet some Gratitude!

Our Bentonite Clay based solution, Feet of Endurance Foot Balm, contains ingredients such as calendula, arnica and ginger that promote blood circulation to heal cracked feet. Keep your feet moisturized before your day begins to prevent painful dry feet symptoms, or lather your feet with this foot balm before bed to heal already cracked feet overnight.

The next time your feet need a little TLC, indulge in a therapeutic foot rub.