There are a lot of hand cleansers out there for getting off stubborn bike and motor grease, but none of them—except Good Clean Mud—are chemical-free.

We formulated Good Clean Mud specifically to get off the kind of tough bike and motor grease that regular soap just can’t. And we realized we could make an effective cleanser without the synthetic chemicals and toxins commonplace in many soaps, cleansers, shampoos, bodywashes.

In addition to potentially nasty chemicals, many industrial cleansers often contain grit, too, to effectively scrape the top layer of your skin off. Well, that’s one way to get the bike grease off your hands. But if you prefer to keep that layer of skin, reach for the Good Clean Mud instead. It’s just simple vegetable oils and clay, and here’s how it works:

  • Natural coconut and olive oils break the chemical bonds in the grime, softening it. Citrus essential oils are effective cleansing agents. And bentonite clay absorbs the grime, lifting it away from your skin… leaving your hands feeling great, not grated.
  • It works best to dab on just a small bit and working it into your dry, dirty skin—no need to rinse your hands first. Give it a few seconds to do its work… And then rinse from your skin. Or, in a pinch if you’re not near a faucet, just towel it off.
  • The clay we use in our cleanser is finely-weathered volcanic ash. Unlike pumice used in some industrial cleansers, it’s soft, not gritty. Instead of being in the formula as an abrasive, it’s absorptive, drawing oil, grease, dirt and other grime away from your skin.
  • Comes in a screwtop jar, so it’s handy to throw it into your bag and carry it with you. Coconut oil turns liquid on hot days, though, so be sure to shake the jar before opening to reincorporate the clay and oil.

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