We rang in the new year with a really nice email from a friend who shared our Good Clean Mud and balms with family members who work in firefighting, restaurant, and sheet metal worker trades:

“Your handand foot care products were a HUGE hit with my family. Nephew Paul (firefighter) says he can help you sell your products to his fellow firefighters. No problem.

“My niece Kari was impressed, as the MUD took off the coffee ground stains from her hard-working Barrista hands. She owns two cafés and has yet to find a product that cleans her hands without eating through the derma. Kari also stated that she could sell the products at her café (front counter, end caps, etc.). Lots of blue-collar workers stop at her establishments for a cup of java and quick bite to eat.

The BIG WINNER and “hook, line, and sinker” for your products was Kari’s husband, Ernie. He is a sheet metal worker who does HVAC installs in hospitals, commercial buildings, clean rooms, etc. Ernie stated that the sheet metal sucks the moisture out of his skin based on the chemical make-up of the metal. He has some big ‘ole MAN HANDS so he used quite a bit of the MUD and loved it. When he saw your graphics that reflected an actual sheet metal worker…he was sold. Ernie also thought the packaging was appropriate for men. Do you have larger canisters of product for sale? A larger tub of mud in the work clean-up area would be great.

All of my family that tried the MUD and clay products really thought they were different from other cleansers, lotions, balms, and ointments.

So…I need to order some more product for me and my family. Looks like you have some new customers and sales partners if you are interested.



Thank you, Spud, for sharing our products with your family and for the helpful feedback. We’re glad the excellent grime-lifting and moisturizing properties of our Mud were a hit with your hard-working café and sheet metal worker family members. And we love the vote of confidence from your firefighter nephew. That is some high praise, indeed.

And to answer your question, yes, we are definitely considering offering Mud in larger packages. In the meantime, we’re happy to work something out. Just email us your quantity needs at info@fieldworkssupply.com, and we’ll work up an estimate for you. That goes for any of you good folk who might be interested in commercial sizes of Good Clean Mud. Thank you for your interest and support.