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This is a generous brick of natural soap, with good, wholesome ingredients--and as few of them as possible. We left out the nasty chemicals common in a lot of soap products--and instead went back to basics (and to the earth) for a simple soap that gets the job done without doing a number on you, the environment, or anything else you hold near and dear.

And what's more, the essential oil blend we use leaves your skin with the light scent of the great outdoors.

Saponified oils of Palm and Coconut are what cleans you.

Bentonite Clay draws the grime away from your skin.

Vetiver is a natural-born antiseptic with a masculine scent.

Nutmeg soothes skin, and smells pretty good, too.

INGREDIENTS: Saponified oils of Palm* and Coconut*, Bentonite Clay, Lime Essential Oil, Nutmeg Essential Oil, Lime Essential Oil.

* = Organic

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Seriously the best soap ever

Kate on 25th Nov 2018

I have been using this soap almost exclusively for a couple years. The bentonite clay is amazing and the simple scent is delightful. It keeps my skin feeling as soft and healthy as it's ever been. I use it for body and face. Thanks for making a great product.

i love this soap!

31st Jul 2017

I love this soap from the top of my head to my feet! Usually I have to lather on lotion after a shower and now I don't and I'm 60 years old with very dry skin. I ordered 2 more bars and just gave on to my son. I will be a regular customer! Thank you!!!!

Fantastic Product

Ben on 14th Aug 2016

This soap is amazing. Hard to believe that you can wash your face with a bar of soap, but it is better and gentler than any facial cleanser on the market for sensitive skin and it smells great. No dryness, residue or irritation of any kind, just clean.Top notch product.

Best Soap Ever!!

12th Jun 2015

Not full of a bunch of chemical additives, just a wonderful cleansing product that leaves my skin soft! Love it.

Still the best soap for men

Enrique on 27th May 2015

This is really their flagship product. Smells great, skin feels luxurious.

Perfect bar soap

LY on 21st Apr 2015

Like Hose Off, this bar soap is great. The scent is awesome and my skin feels great when I'm done showering. It puts my many other bar soaps to shame and it's perfect for clean-up after hitting the gym. It rinses clean with NO residue. I wish the bar was bigger.

Best Soap Bar None

Michael R. on 19th Nov 2014

Tried the product last year. I went through other commercial and non commercial soaps as well. I finally came back to Bar None. I like the way my skin feels in the fall and winter. I don't experience dry skin irritation that other soaps cause. I feel lke this is the best soap for me from its scent to how it works with keeping me clean and feeling good.

great bar of soap

Enrique on 7th Nov 2014

I was pretty unhappy with most soaps leaving behind a layer of grime on my body. I live in a humid state, so it's important for me that I am really clean. Bar None does a good job with removing grime, when used in conjunction with an exfoliating wash cloth or something similar. It smells great. I've gotten some compliments on that nice, manly fragrance.